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It's not a question of can or can't


ミコッテホプライ by ぴぇ太


LR novel : a secret, behind the scenes shot! >:d


the real reason alexander’s gestalt wasn’t a vehicle

  • etro saw how badly hope trashed the PSICOM hoverbike in hanging edge and was like “not in my house, you piece of shit teen driver”


Laughed like hell with this. Her expression is just LOL


Not mine. I found this somewhere deep in the realms of Google long ago, and saved it in my hard drive.

If you can find the original post of this, I’d be glad to share the link.

a storm with skin;

That’s all I need to know.

no looking back; no giving up.


Artist is Sunoko / すのこ

♥ A blog dedicated to my two favorite FFXIII characters, Hope Estheim and Lightning Farron.

♥ You can call me Nat.
Female, 22 years of age.

♥ I would have Hope Estheim to myself if possible, but since I can't, I ship my two favorite characters, Hope x Lightning. ♥

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