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It's not a question of can or can't


hope/lightning ± meeting you ost

Because of you, because I always believed you were with me, I was never afraid of the future. Even now, I’m not afraid. I’m so glad to have met you…

I’m just going to pretend that at the end of LR, Snow says, “so who hasn’t changed at all, kid?” to Hope. /slams headcanon on desk


Luxurioushope had requested me to translate a small comic found at pixiv, titled “LR memo”, by Hirao. Even though I told her I’d be done with it the next day, I didn’t expect getting so furious at my lack of skills in positioning text on gimp, and my back getting worse, making it pretty painful to stay on a chair for so long. But I didn’t forget it! It is sucky, but I hope it helps understanding what is going on. this is part one. as always, don’t forget to bookmark and rate at pixiv to thank the artist for all efforts! 


And if you pause at just the right moment during the ending, you get some subliminal boomerang action.



Artist is Ikumin. (いくみん。) / Shinozaki Ikumi (篠崎郁弥)

Just so I can see the lightning climb over you.

My Dearest by まてんろ


I need to know… Is this Datalog article not included in the western release of “Returns” because, as far as I know, people aren’t talking about it.

The Ark: Gifts from Hope

Every time Lightning returns to the Ark, a new gift box will appear.

These items are, in a sense, rewards for accomplishing the duties of the Savior. And in order to help Lightning do her best each day, Hope made strenuous efforts to supply these items. Don’t forget to collect them every day. However, even if you accidentally forget to open the gifts on the day they appear, there’s no need to worry. The items will still be available within the Ark when you return.

It’s 100% official… Hope hand-picked the outfits for Lightning and he even went to extreme lengths to obtain them. Can someone say “sugar-daddy”?

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