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It's not a question of can or can't

What am I fighting for? There must be something more.


Lightning’s fabulous 180°’s


Lightning phone wallpapers
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Black & White version here

Phone Backgrounds available on request

Hope Estheim -> Academia -4XX AF- 



Chapters: 23/?
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Hope Estheim/Lightning
Summary: AU. Dr. Hope Estheim has for over a year had to repeatedly patch up a girl named Claire Farron, who keeps insisting she “tripped” or “accidentally walked into a door”. A bit of research leads Dr. Estheim to an underground fighting organization and a notorious street fighter called Lightning.

Ao3 - FF.net

A/N: Well. This chapter is pretty much a hoperai explosion. Some of you will recognize the final scene since I posted it on twitter back in June. Here we go, chapter 23, where Hope confesses his love out loud for the third time.

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hope ‘mcsassy pants’ estheim requested by gamer-reader-fangirl

final fantasy characters → hope estheim


we can face this thing together 

♥ A blog dedicated to my two favorite FFXIII characters, Hope Estheim and Lightning Farron.

♥ You can call me Nat.
Female, 22 years of age.

♥ I would have Hope Estheim to myself if possible, but since I can't, I ship my two favorite characters, Hope x Lightning. ♥

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