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It's not a question of can or can't


hope may be back to his older self but he’s embracing his childish side that’s been suppressed by all those years of sacrificing himself for mankind :’) god knows they both deserve to be happy and embrace themselves and each other!



for-the-love-of-jily Asked:
Do you have a blog Hopelight recommendation list? At the insistence of my friend I watched the three games on youtube, at first out of boredom but soon out of real interest. I've never played XIII but I feel like I'm in love with the Hopelight ship and want to find more people who fully support the pairing and post good content about them. Can you help me out?

My answer:


Heck yes I can :D


This is just off the top of my head, but I know I follow a bunch of people who adore them, so feel free to comment/like if I missed you :D


I am the true savior. I was made to serve God. But if that God lies to me—
Then he dies!


Because of you, because I always believed you were with me, I was never afraid of the future


full res (x)

Anonymous Asked:
I red on your blog that hope has a "minor" role in the western edition, so even in my european copy of the game and sincerely this difference may be the cause of some doubts I have about the game's story... so could you please explain what are the differences that made hope less important in the western edition? And thak you for all the translations you made :D

My answer:


Thank you~! X3 So here are the major differences with Hope’s situation…

JAP Version: Bhunivelze sees Hope as the brightest, most constant soul in a world of despair. Bhunivelze kidnaps Hope, tortures him, and remolds him to become the perfect vessel for a god. He specifically chooses Hope to be his vessel. Unlike the western adaption, Bhunivelze has no interest in inhabiting the other people. Instead, he wants absolute rule over their “perfect and happy” lives. He wants to physically walk amongst them as their all-mighty god. And if Bhunivelze had gotten his way, Hope would have also been worshiped as a living god.

ENG Version: Bhunivelze wishes to inhabit the people, so he chooses Hope as his first guinea pig. Of course, it’s possible that his choice wasn’t random. Bhunivelze probably picked Hope because he was the most valiant soul. However, Hope would eventually be included with the rest of the people under Bhunivelze’s control. He would come to be no special case because, in the end, everyone would basically be inhabited by the god.

In the English adaption, Hope was chosen to be the first of many vessels for Bhunivelze. However, in the original Japanese version, Hope was specifically chosen to be the ONLY vessel for Bhunivelze. This difference causes some players to believe that Hope’s role was lessened in the western release.


hope/lightning ± meeting you ost

Because of you, because I always believed you were with me, I was never afraid of the future. Even now, I’m not afraid. I’m so glad to have met you…

I’m just going to pretend that at the end of LR, Snow says, “so who hasn’t changed at all, kid?” to Hope. /slams headcanon on desk

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